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Everyone wants a flat sunny day out on the lake with fish biting , but the reality is we can't always have that.  Your captain's responsibility is to make sure his guests are safe and to have a good time.  Safety is concern #1.  Bad weather is subjective.  We will fish in rain, but not high waves.  Rain won't hurt anything, but high winds will raise the waves to unsafe levels.  Lightning will bring the trip to an abrupt halt as well.  Boats are often grounded, but taking a lightning strike at minimum will blow every electrical component on the vessel and worse yet, could injure someone. 

Your captain will contact you either the day before or the morning of, if bad weather is inevitable.  You can then discuss either scheduling for another day, or trying a later time that day.

You can rest assured, the experience of your captain will keep you safe and ensure you have a good time.  This is all about having fun, and we do our best to schedule trips to take advantage of good weather conditions. 

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