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What if someone gets seasick? PDF
It is recommended that you take motion sickness precautions if you are prone to it.  Unfortunately, if you or your crewmembers get sick, we have to charge you the rate for the trip.  Costs are still incurred even if we come in a little early.
How many lines do you fish? PDF

We put together an effective spread to target the fish we are after.  The bite, water conditions, boat traffic and other factors often limit how many rods we can effectively fish.  Michigan law sets a maximum of 3 rods per angler.

How many fish can we keep? PDF
Michigan law made some changes for 2009.  Each angler is allowed 5 fish in combination of species.  The new law allows for all five of the fish to be salmon, coho and king combined or singly.  The old portion of the law still stands that no more of 3 of any species of trout.  As an example, your bag limit may be 5 kings or 5 coho or 3 steelhead and 2 kings or 3 laketrout and 2 steelhead etc.  Size limit on lake trout south of Manistee is 20" and the season runs from May 1  through September 30.  All other species may be kept all year and must be a minimum of 10".  It is common to keep all legal fish we catch.  Under some circumstances fish fair well when released, but the majority of time, fish die after release so we keep them to make use of them.  All the fish your crew catches are your property.  Your Captain will clean and bag them for you.  After you hit the dock, it is your option if you choose to give your fish away or keep them for yourself.
What if I do not have any fishing experience? PDF


That is the beauty of taking a charter for fishing.  You do not need any prior fishing experience.  Your captain and mate will guide you through fighting the fish.  Let your captain know how comfortable you are and what you would like to do.  Let the captain know how much you want to learn, he would be happy to share his knowledge.  All the tackle is provided and your captain knows where to go to increase your chances of catching fish.  Let your captain take care of the details so you can have a fun day on the water with friends and family.

Do I need a fishing License? PDF


Yes, anglers 17 and older do need a valid All Species Michigan Fishing License for the days that you plan to fish.  Either daily or annual all species license is required by the State of Michigan.  Click on the link here and follow the prompts.  If you choose, you can stop by any license dealer in Michigan as well.  Virtually all sport shops will be able to sell to you, including Meijer and Walmart

How do I get signed up for a trip? PDF


If you are open to any date, email or call Captain Paul and let him know what you are looking for.  Captain Paul can discuss times of the season that will fit your needs and desires.  If you have one day only or a couple days, Get ahold of Captain Paul on the phone at 616 299 1349 to schedule the date as soon as possible so it doesn't get snatched up by someone else.

After you pick a date and port, you can set up a time with the captain.  The captain will give you a few suggestions on what to bring on the trip at that time.

Now book a trip and get ready for some fun!

What if the weather is bad? PDF


Everyone wants a flat sunny day out on the lake with fish biting , but the reality is we can't always have that.  Your captain's responsibility is to make sure his guests are safe and to have a good time.  Safety is concern #1.  Bad weather is subjective.  We will fish in rain, but not high waves.  Rain won't hurt anything, but high winds will raise the waves to unsafe levels.  Lightning will bring the trip to an abrupt halt as well.  Boats are often grounded, but taking a lightning strike at minimum will blow every electrical component on the vessel and worse yet, could injure someone. 

Your captain will contact you either the day before or the morning of, if bad weather is inevitable.  You can then discuss either scheduling for another day, or trying a later time that day.

You can rest assured, the experience of your captain will keep you safe and ensure you have a good time.  This is all about having fun, and we do our best to schedule trips to take advantage of good weather conditions. 

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