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8/29 PDF

The morning group showed up a bit late so we got out after the hottest morning bite.  But we managed to get 13 or 14 bites on the trip.  The crew had a hard time wrangling the fish to the boat but landed 6.  Plugs took 4 bites and Horse Flies took all the rest.  Sea Mist and Sea Weed went about even steven trailing 11" and 8" green and blue E chip flashers.

The afternoon trip started out slowly and action heated up as the day wore on.  We worked water from 75-150 and back in to 65 for the finish.  We pulled one steelhead on a plug and all the rest came on SeaMist horse flies behind Green and blue E Chip flashers.  Riggers and divers were both firing.  Finished up 9 for 9 with 3 in the 15# class, one laker, one steelhead and a few coho.


Get out there while the action is HOT

8/22-8/23 PDF

Fishing was real good on Friday with lots of action.  We boated 13 and had about 26 bites.   Lots of bites with no one home.  We lost a few at the back of the boat also. The bite was all HorseFlies.  Atomic green glow, blue moon glow and SeaMist were all on fire.  Big white flashers and 8" E chips were the ticket on riggers and divers.  Only one plug bite all day.  They wanted Flies!!!!  In the morning, fish were in the 90-110 range and as the sun poked a bit higher we found them in the 130-160 range.  We finished with 11 kings and 2 lakers.


Saturday was more of the same, except fish were taking it for keeps.  Fish were large but so were the waves.  After a half hour delay due to weather, we fished the 100' range.  We found some fish again in the 100-110 water and drifted out as the sun came up.  However, the fished stayed put.  After making a loop to get back inside, we found two more good kings and then called it due to waves.  We finished 5 for 6 with kings up to 17.75#.  it was all green on Saturday for me, with Seaweed going twice and Atomic Green glow going once.  Green glow plug went three times on the 300 copper. 

The fish are there.  Get out there while its HOT!


Saturday 8/13 PDF

I had an interesting trip Saturday morning.  A good friend and teamate joined me along with a new defender of freedom.  Mark Hogewind is a recently "winged" airman for the Navy and will be securing our freedom piloting a helicoptor aboard an aircraft carrier.  Mark worked for me in his prior life and moved on with the Navy.  I was able to get Mark and his lifelong friend out fishing and produced some action. 


Pilot Mark


















Muskegon still HOT PDF

Fishing in Muskegon is still red HOT!  Tuesday was the marathon day having two trips scheduled.  After the first trip with 4 anglers resulted in a limit of big kings in a mere hour an a half, a couple phone calls arranged for the second trip to show early and also squeeze in a third trip.  The second trip of two anglers was in the middle of the day but action was still good.  we boxed 5 kings and tossed back two sheepies on about 15 bites.  The evening trip resulted in similar results with 6 big kings in the box out of about 12 or 13 bites. 

Typical hot baits include Atomic Green Glow Horse Fly (taking 10 of 14 bites in the morning), Seamist Horsefly, tiger roughy, and various plugs in Pearl, glow, green glow and yellow.

Get out there while it's HOT HOT HOT.

Openings available this weekend!!!!


1.5 hour limit















Big Kings



Muskegon Big Kings! PDF

Harbor Patrol early version this weekend.  A batch of colder water rolled in and pushed the batifish into the pierheads in Muskegon this weekend.  Action was HOT all day long.  Morning trip on 8/9 resulted in slow action first thing and we got out of the fish.  After pulling lines and getting back in the action we finished up landing 7 of 8 fish.  Fish are big with many fish in the mid to upper teens.  Horseflies in Atomic Green Glow, Sea Mist and Seaweed all took fish when trailing 11" green E chip and also 11" double crush white.  Pearl plugs and Green glow plugs also took fish.


The afternoon trip was more of the same and then some.  Setting lines in the channel, our first pass out the arms had action right away at 2:30 in the afternoon.  Each loop out and in had bites.  After hooking somewhere between 23 and 27 fish we boated 11.  Short lines and BIG KINGS make for exciting action.  Break offs happen and crazy fish strighten hooks and break tackle.  Action came in batches as fresh fish came in to feed.  As the sun went down we headed in to lick our battle wounds.  The fish won some, we won some.  A great day for sure. 

Get out there while the action is HOT!


11 Big Kings

Muskegon 8/2 and 8/3 PDF

Saturday morning dawned clear and

Muskegon 7/19 PDF
Fishing in Muskegon continues to be good.  We caught 11 this morning up to 15#.  We had the mixed bag with one coho, one steelhead, one laker and the rest kings.  Several baits worked, but the SeaMist HorseFly took 3 rips behind the blue swirl E chip.  Big blue e chip with Artic ice took one, and mirage took one.  Blueberry glow, mashed bannana glow, tiger perch, and tiger roughy all took one fish.  Plum cazy took 2 rips.  And the Blue moon fly took one.  As can see it was all blue today.  The greens got shut on out our boat.  We took fish in 108 and 155-210 mostly from 55-105 down.  One on the 8 color.
This week 7/10/08 PDF
Tournament Week this week.  Detailed reports to follow next week.
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