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Muskegon 5/27 PDF
After a slow day in South Haven on Saturday, we went to Muskegon on Sunday.  Heavy fog obscured the commercial nets, so we ran deep for starters to avoid them in hopes of letting the fog burn off before we got into their area.  We sat down in 288 and set a 050 troll to the NE with the waves.   Short on crew members we set out our 9 rod spread with 5 leadcore, two divers and two riggers with sliders.   from 730 to 1130 we went 15 for 25, and YES the captain did loose three fish in a row!  (I had to list that, as I caught some serious grief that day!)  Leadcore was the best throughout the day, but everything took bites.  Pumkinseed Nailer on 16 colors of lead went twice, Blueberry glow size 500 nailer went twice on the 20 color leadcore, Tiger perch went twice on the diver back 110, Mashed bannana (11) went once on the 5 color, Blueberry muffin (45) went 3 times on the 13 color, Lemonfire Glow went 3 times on the 8 color and was only in the water after the sun popped out around 9 am, Sea Mist HorseFly went 4 times on deep riggers from 80 and 165 down, Lemon Ice glow (43) went on a rigger 62 down, Green dolphin prototype went once on a diver back 130, and the Wild thing in color #33 went once set as a slider on a rigger down 165.  Our best water was 175-145.  Direction of troll didnt matter as we caught fish in all directions.  Fog lifted about 9 am and fish continued to bite with some color changes.  Our final box had 14 fish with the one twinkie king tossed back.  We had 9 kings, 4 lakers and 1 coho for a nice mixed bag.  We also had two kings with lamprey on them if that matters to anyone.
South Haven 5/26 PDF
Headed to South Haven to meet customers from the Chicago area.  After running out to our numbers from the previous week and dodging some heavy rain, we sat down and got lines set.  We took two fish while setting gear, but things slowed down.  Radio chatter and phone calls to friends, didn't unravel any great mysteries on the fish as it was slow for everyone I talked to.  We finished the day 7 for 9 with all small fish.   Everyone on board had a good time, but action was a tad slow with 18-19 rods in the water at all times.  Leadcore took all the hits except one rigger bite.  5 colors down to 13 colors took the hits and the rigger was 150 down.   Mashed bannana (11) took 3 hits on the 5 color, Bluberry Muffin (45) took two hits on the 13 color and the rest of the hits were a smattering between pumkinseed (16), orange/ black/ gold (prototype), bruiser (31), Blue Mahi (82) and fireworks HorseFly behind a dodger.
South Haven 5/26 PDF
Had a full boat today with the whole family.  Mom and Dad and 4 kids filled up the boat.   We ran out to 170 and sat down and headed on a west troll.  Pulled a nice laker and a twinkie king while setting lines.  Trolled out to 205 and turned around and headed back for the 180's.  After some zig zagging and a couple more fish, we headed to some shallower water for the last hour or so.  We finished with one steelhead, two lakers and the rest kings.  not the largest fish, but fun none the less.  Mashed Bananna (11) on the half core took 3 bites and landed one steelie and one king.  Blue mahi (82) 166 down on the rigger took a laker.  Bruiser (31) took a king on the full core.  Fireworks HorseFly on the 3 color behind a dodger took a laker off the 3 color.  Blueberry Muffin (45) on the 13 color took 2 rips also. And the black and orange on gold had a twinkie hanging on the 8 color when we brought it in. 
South Haven 5/21 PDF
Had a crew of 4 aboard for a fun day ahead of us.  Weather was nice and the lake was nice as well.  We ran out 10 miles to our numbers from the previous week and promptly started to set lines.  After about rod 10 was in the water we pulled a double.  Bruiser (31) on the full core took a nice king and Tiger perch (64) on the middle diver took another king.  Before we had a chance to reset either rod, the overheat alarm went off.  After some diagnosis on the water, I was able to get dockside under my own power.  Changed out the thermostat and things looked good.  Loaded the crew back on board and headed back out again, but fate would have it, we got hot again a couple miles out.  Another return to the dock made it a day.  No charge trip obviously, but at least we had two kings to show for it.  After getting the boat home on the trailer and running more tests, I replaced the thermostat again with another brand and things are perfect.  Go figure, a bad, new part!  Couldn't have guessed that one.  Back to South Haven on Saturday to get after them again down there.
Muskegon 5/23 PDF
After doing some testing on the boat after the replacement thermostat, I just had to fish.  Brother Aaron and I headed out to 155 and sat down on a SW troll.  After setting rods we were in 190 or so and pulled a nice 6# king on Mashed bannana (11) Nailer on the half core.  After turning on a SE troll to look for warmer water, we got south and found a few more fish.  We Pulled the 10 color and set a 20 color in its place after marking deep bait and fish in 155-135 fow.  No sooner did the rod hit the holder than a fish was on.  Bluberry glow (19) Nailer was the ticket on that fish.  A nice 12.3 # king. While fighting the king, the half core went off again and yeilded an 11# steelie to go with the previous one.  Time was running short after some more trolling and about ready to pull rods, when the deep diver was ticking bottom in 130 fow.  Then another 12# king snatched the Black and Rasberry glow Nailer and put up a great fight.  We netted him and continued to pull the remainder of the lines.  We had another small king on the 20 color that was dead, so he had to have been on there a while.  Blueberry glow on him as well..  So finished with 5 in the box, 4 nice fish and a twinkie.  Water temp was in the low 47's in the 9's and mid 44's in the 11's.
SH 5/19 PDF
Had a two boat charter today for the good people at Grand Rapids First Assembly of God.  We had a great trip, even though I couldnt talk them into staying on the water longer.  We ran right out to the same area as Friday and sat down on fish.  After getting 12 lines set, we pulled our first fish. Between 7 and 8 AM, we landed 6 of 7 fish.  Things slowed a bit in the 8 o'clock hour,and we eventually got a full 18 rod spread in the water. We pecked away at the fish until shortly after 10 AM when we had to start packing it in to make it dockside by 11 as requested.  We managed to finish 12 for 15 on the morning and made it in on time for meetings.  (fishing is way more fun)  Our cooler consisted of 3 lake trout, 1 coho, 1 steelhead and 6 king salmon (we released one small one at the end).  Fish were biting Northport Nailer spoons and Horse Flies again today.  Pumpkinseed (16) and Blueberry glow (19) both took two fish set on 16 nd 15 color leadcore respectively.  Black/ Orange on gold prototype took 4 fish on the 8 color including the little dragger at the end of the day, so who knows how long he was on there.  Blue/ green dolphin and green dolphin prototypes took 2 and 1 fish on divers set 80 and 90 back.  SeaMist Horsefly took 3 rips set 122 down on a rigger, getting two of our lake trout to the net and we lost a large king right at the net that was about 15#.  A great time was had by all, and each person in the entire group gets some nice fillets for the table. 
SH 5/18 PDF
Ran out to the same starting area as yesterday but  sat down a little short in 165 fow.  Set a SW troll for a short while then went NW.  We picked at the fish then found an active school in the 190' range and crossed them a few times to get another boat limit 20 for 26 in under 5 hours.  We had a nice mixed bag again today consisting of Lake trout, Kings, coho and steelhead.  Spoons ruled the day today with Fireworks Horse fly only taking one fish on the 3 color.  Pumpkinseed (16) dominated again taking 6 more fish again today set out on the 16 color leadcore line.  Lemonfire Glow (76) came on strong as well taking 5 fish set on the 10 color.  Glow tiger roughy (65) took a few fish as well as Bruiser (31), Mashed Bannana (11), and Watermelon glow (62).  Several prototype Nailers did well today also including a blue/green dolphin, black/orange on gold, double orange crush and a green/blue minnow pattern.  Divers and core dominated the day with riggers only taking 4 hits all day.  Core was 3-16 colors and divers set 45-100 back. 
South Haven 5/17 PDF
I had friends from Georgia in town for a few days to fish and after the wind settled down on Wednesday, we hit the water Thursday.  We finished 20 for 27 in 4 hours to take home a 4 man boat limit.  We had another mixed bag of fish consisting of kings, lake trout, steelhead and coho.  It was still a bit choppy so we got on a south troll for the entire time.  Catching fish from depths of 190 fow to 145 fow and everywhere in between.  Northport Nailer spoons and Horse Flies did the damage.  Purple spoons were good most of the day including Bruiser (31), Pumpkinseed (16) and Blueberry Muffin (45).  3-15 colors of leadcore  and divers set back 90-110 feet were the ticket.  Seamist andn Fireworks flies both took several fish.  Seamist set deep off a rigger and the Fireworks on a 3 color leadcore.  Other spoons that caught fish were Mashed Mahi (80), Glow tiger roughy (65), Lemon fire glow (76), Sour Apple (29), Mashed Bannana (11), Sunfire (69), Lemon ice glow (43).
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