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July 8 PDF

Great Day

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Wow, What a first day back as operating as Captain after the injury.  I took along Captain Greg as a mate and we put a hurtin on them this afternoon.  The lake was less than a foot to calm, sunny and gorgeous out there.  Setting lines in 265' we started hitting fish, but we really got busy once we passed 300'.  We were on steady fish up to 17# with 3 doubles.  Northport Nailer spoons and HorseFlies were hot.  Troll speed were really fast with SOG speeds 3.3-4.0 mph with down speeds at 2.6-2.8 at the ball.  Here is the list.  Goldie Hawn prototype went twice on the slide diver back 50', Salmonhead prototype went twice on the 13 color, Sea Mist HorseFly went 4 times (3 on rigger 110 down, 1 on wire back 270), Greenberry Glow (18) went 4 times on the rigger set 47 down but took the slider 10 up every time, OGG went 2 times on the slide diver back 80, Lemon ice (43) went 3 times on 350 copper, Lemon Fire glow (76) (500 series) went 3 times on the 11 color, Mashed Bananna (11) went 3 times on the 7 color, Harvinator went 1 time on the 300 copper, Little Boy Blue Horse fly went 1 time 220 back on wire, Sunfire (69) went 1 time on high diver back 180, and Mixed Veggies went once on rigger down 68 as a slider.  If I didn't miss anything or count it twice, we landed 16 of 28 fish on. 

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