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October 1 Offshore salmon and trout PDF

Finally caught a break with the weather and actually having a day off.  Forcast was wrong again, but for once was in our favor and the lake was flat.  headed offshore with 3 buddies and set lines in 217 and picked at the fish out to 270 then did circles the rest of the morning between 180 and 240.  Finished 11 for 17 but had to toss two really nice lake trout back since season closed yesterday.  We kept one mature coho, one small steelhead and 7 kings.  Spoons ruled the roost with only a few fly bites today.  SeaMist and Seaweed each went once on wire divers 180 and 250 back.  SeaMist also went once on the rigger 200 down.  Purple was good early with Bruiser firing 3 or 4 times on wire diver back 180 and 220, Blueberry muffin went once on high diver 150 back, Blueberry glow went once 114 on rigger, Watermelon glow went twice on the 300 copper, mashed bannana once on the 11 color, Lemon ice once on 250 copper, 350 copper fired with the harvinator, Roughy fired twice on high diver 75 back early, then SeaBee fired once on same diver back 180 later. 

The fish are there for sure and feeding.  The bite slowed dramatically once the sun came up all the way, but the morning bite was very good.  Get out there while you can.

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