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Canned Salmon PDF

This is the only way I stored any fish this season.  There are a couple variations.  Basically, you need a pressure canner and need to follow the manufactures instructions on how to properly preserve the fish so you dont get sick or die.  That said, it's a piece of cake to do.

Ask your captain to fillet, skin, debone and remove the mudline from your fish.  Cut into pieces and stuff them into a 1 pint jar.  Leave proper headspace. Now add 1/2 TBS of canning salt, black pepper, cajun, lemon juice and a generous dollop of ketchup.  Secure lids and process as indicated by manufacture or your canning recipie book. 

Once done with the processing, let cool and check the lids and so forth.  Clean up the jars and lids before storage. 

For variations: I double the spice portion.  Gives it a nice zing with the cajun.  You could also leave out all but the salt and lemon juice if you want a bland fish for recipies or something.


As for the eating, the classic is to eat it like you would tuna.  After canning, the texture is remarkably the same as tuna and tastes virtually identical.  If you didn't know, you would think it was tuna.  Mix up with some fresh onions and mayo and have a great sandwich.

Mix with macoroni and cheese for a fast hot lunch for the kids or yourself.  Tastes just like tuna cassarole.

Sprinke on a salad for a little protein while eating healthy.

Even heat it in the microwave and just eat it.

However you do it, it is a great way to preserve some salmon (or other fish) and you don't get freezer burn or take up precious freezer space.

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