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How many fish can we keep? PDF
Michigan law made some changes for 2009.  Each angler is allowed 5 fish in combination of species.  The new law allows for all five of the fish to be salmon, coho and king combined or singly.  The old portion of the law still stands that no more of 3 of any species of trout.  As an example, your bag limit may be 5 kings or 5 coho or 3 steelhead and 2 kings or 3 laketrout and 2 steelhead etc.  Size limit on lake trout south of Manistee is 20" and the season runs from May 1  through September 30.  All other species may be kept all year and must be a minimum of 10".  It is common to keep all legal fish we catch.  Under some circumstances fish fair well when released, but the majority of time, fish die after release so we keep them to make use of them.  All the fish your crew catches are your property.  Your Captain will clean and bag them for you.  After you hit the dock, it is your option if you choose to give your fish away or keep them for yourself.
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