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8/4 salmon fishing in Muskegon PDF
After the winds finally abated enough to get out, we got some lines set yesterday.  Fish were scattered around a bit, but we found some in the 180 range again.  The winds socked in more warm water, shoving the thermal break down to about 100' instead of 70 from last week.  We picked away finishing 7 for8 plus a beautiful Disney mylar fish balloon on the 9 color.  A true trophy.  The balloon took a Nailer.  But for the fish, 4 rips on Seamist Horsefly, one on Seaweed, one on Blue ice (44), One on Dark Monkey puke (22) one on Roughy (65).  Fish were deep, over 100 down with the two exceptions.  Had three kings, one coho, one laker and two steelies for a nice mixed bag.
7/30 ON FIRE Salmon and steelhead fishing in Muskegon PDF

After a three week hiatus from the big lake for family vacation and work, I made it out last night with friends.  WOW, what a night!  We fished about 3.5 hours and whacked the fish.  Finishing 19 for 26 is always a good day, but with not expectations and limited fishing reports, I was really pleased.  We found fish in 130-220 fow and they wanted white!  Spoons ruled, but we did take 4 on Seaweed Horse Fly and one on Sea Mist.  Northport Nailers ruled the roost from there. Things got really chaotic once we found the fish.  Doubles and triples were the norm including two fish on one rod with one on the slider and one on the main line at the same time, while also fighting fish on two other rods.  Fish were pretty consistantly 70-90 down with a couple coming higher up, but nothing deeper.  Two bites on Bloody Nose Dalmation (56), three bites on white tiger (67), One on Dark Monkey puke (22), Three bites on the Salmonhead Prototype, ten bites on Easter Egg Glow (48) and two bites on Rasberry glow (50).  Yes, you read that right, 10 BITES on Easter Egg Glow.  Divers 150-190, 300 copper, 250 copper, riggers 70-90 all produced.  One lone bite on a 9 color. 


7/11 Graveyard shift - Nighttime salmon fishing in muskegon PDF
Tried fishing last night from Midnight to 3:30 am.  Marked incredible amounts of fish but no bites.  The fishing during daylight hours has been slow, so I thoguht I would try something new.  It clouded up quite a bit and also thunderstorms were moving through to our north and eventually on us. 
7/3 steelhead and salmon fishing muskegon PDF

Today was a classic "should have been here yesterday," kind of days.  Yesterday fishing was strong both in the morning and evening right off the pier heads.  With high hopes we finished a mere 2 for 4 today with two real nice steelhead.  The strong winds rolled in some really cold water close to shore and the baitfish fled for the river water.  The fish are gorging themselves, which actually makes them hard to catch most of the day, with only small windows of good biting periods.  I suspect the fish are close by, just digesting, but the times we fished, it was an off period.

Looking to time it right the next few days while the water remains cold.

All bites were on Northport Nailer spoons.  One each on Dark Monkey puke (22) on the 3 color, Mashed bannana on the 7 color, Lemonfire glow (76) off the 11 color and Black ice on the rigger.  Water clarity outside the muddy water is incredible.  I could easily see the rigger ball 25' down.

6/27 salmon fishing muskegon PDF
Headed out for a morning fish with one buddy.  Sat down in 50 fow and headed NW covering water out to 230.  We finished 3 for 4 all lake trout.  All bites were on Seaweed and Seamist Horse Flies.  We marked lots of fish in the 100-200 range mostly on the bottom and some suspended in the 40-55 down range.  We tried to brush up on the laker program with little success.  There have been a few good fish being caught, but overall catches remain on the lower side.  Things look to be setting up well and should be turning around shortly as fish begin to stage offshore.
6/25 salmon fishing near Muskegon PDF
Made it out with a buddy tonight from Grand Haven.  We finsihed 6 for 8 so not too bad for this time of year.  Took one undersized laker on a fly and everything else was on spoons in the 50' range over 140-180 fow.  Gorgeous night to be on the water.  No flies, no waves plenty warm and a few fish to keep it interesting.
6/16 Salmon fishing in muskegon PDF

Made it out with my Aunt from Florida today and managed to get our 10 fish.  The bad thing is 5 were twinkies.  The other 5 were smaller, but decent anyway.  Spoons took all the hits with Superior sunset (35) going twice, OGG going twice, Easter Egg glow (48) once, Roughy (65) twice, Prism (75) twice and goldie hawn once.


Fish we caught were from 165 to 340 fow.  top 55' again.  Tried pounding bottom the whole time with no luck today.

6/13 and 6/14 Salmon and trout fishing in muskegon PDF

Fishing remains good in Muskegon.  Saturday was a fun fish with two buddies.  We finished 14 for 20.  Horseflies took the edge on Saturday starting the day off with one fish each on Mirage and Atomic Green glow.  Spoons got in the mix next with Orange Ice gold (41G) taking two rips, Roughy (65) taking one and Prism (75) taking one rip and Black and Rasberry (78) taking one rip.  Then it was all flies with Sea Mist taking charge.  Firing 7 times and a green spin n glow firing 4 times to finish out the day.  We tossed back a couple twinkies and kept 11 fish.  Water was flat calm and the sun popped out after about 11:30 making it a day to order.  We found fish from 120-220 and lots of bait and fish on the bottom in the 120-150 range.


Sunday was more like Saturday afternoon weather wise.  Flat calm seas and sunny skies.  The fish cooperated well and we finished 13 for 13.  Spoons ruled the roost today taking 11 of the bites.  OGG went 3 times on the 4 color, Prism (75) went once, Easter egg glow (48) went twice on the high diver 100 back, Goldie Hawn went twice on the 3 color and Orange Ice gold (41G) went once on the 9 color, and Lemon Ice (43) went once on the 300 copper and mashed bannana (11) took one on the 5 color.  The last two bites came down on the bottom looking for lakers.  One on the SeaMist Horsefly and the other on the green spin n glow.  Most of the fish were caught by 9 am in the 220-260 range in the top 50' of the water.  Lots of bait and fish on the bottom in the 170 range.

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