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Family outing 8/12/06 PDF

The DeVries family made it out on Salmonhead for a family get together.  Notice mom caught the biggest fish!  Way to go!


Family outing

8-25, 8-26 PDF

Fished in Muskegon both Friday and Saturday all day both days.  Friday morning found us in the mud right off the pier heads fishing 25-40 fow with a mud spread.  big flashers, glow plugs and spoons to fill things out.  3 on board meant nine rods in the water so do maximize manueverablity, we went with 4 divers and 4 riggers with one core off to the side.  Fish were biting but we had a hard time landing them.  We finished 4 for 11 in the morning by 9 AM and fished till 230 with only 2 more bites.  Bloody clown northport and tiger roughy took the 3 spoon bites.  Mother of pearly plugs in size 5 took 4 rips and Flashers and flies took the rest.  Northport firefly inside a seawead fly behind an 11" wonderbread coyote took a couple rips, and mountain dew E-chip and fishcatchers in 8" with Duckhead and Atomic green glow flies took the rest.

Friday night we worked the same water with much less gusto.  Only taking 6 rips, we managed 3 to the boat.  Northport bloody clown took one rip and so did Northport tiger snapper took one rip.  Blue glow with black ladder back J took two rips on the 4 color and the 11" coyote wonderbread with seawead fire fly took one.  We finished with a strong triple at sunset, so that was really fun.  One broke off and the other two made it to the boat.


15# Challenge 


Saturday morning, I hit the same water, but no one was home.  I worked my way deeper and after two hours of trolling found the fish in 65-80 fow.  Some silver fish mixed in with the brownies.  The same coyote with Seawead fire fly horsefly took three rips again and a blue glow horse fly behind a glow and blue spinnie took 2 rips.  Spoons ruled the roost with the rest of the hits.  Blueberry glow took 2, greenberry glow took one, Blue mahi took one and Lemon fire glow took two rips.  We finished 8 for 11 by 9:20 and took the first hit at 7:20.  Fish were just deeper, but due to a chumming customer, we ran in early.  He was tough though, he made it four hours even though he was chumming 10 minutes after we were out.  A trooper for sure!


Nice Catch


Saturday night a buddy joined me and we ran back to the morning's numbers with no gusto for two hours again.  we slid deeper another 10' or so and lit them up. It was all greens saturday night.  One came on an old school northport nailer with white back and green front and one came on a green glow J, and the rest were all flashers and flies.  Duckhead horse fly and Atomic green glow horse fly did the damage.  They were behind green holo white blade spinnies with crush on the back for 6 rips and behind a chrome and green spinnie for 3 hits.  One hit came on little boy blue horse fly behind a trashcan Opti.  Finished on a triple to go 7 for 12.  At one point we were 2 for 7 in the mid afternoon, so the evening bite was much much more productive.  Seeing some good coho this year to round out the catches.  Fish were from 9-18# for the evening run and similar sizes throughout the weekend.


All smiles

Grand Haven Mud Run PDF

Hopped aboard Keepin it Kool with Grayson, Bill and Art and headed out to try our luck around Grand Haven.  We avoided the crowd and went north of the piers and set lines.  we worked 40 to 60 fow.  Within an hour or so we were 2 for 5 with a couple nice mature fish in the box.  Then we went cold, so on a tip from a friend worked our way south into the pack of boats.  hits continiued but we only managed to ice one more fish.  We finished about 3 for 12.  Pearl tomic plugs, green glow tomic and magnum moonshines accounted for all the hits.  Plugs were on the riggers and the spoons were on divers.  Flashers were run on divers and riggers and spoons and plugs on core were all run unsuccesfully.  A couple hits on core that didnt hook up.  Fish remain tight to the piers or within a mile or so.  Large swells from the sw greated us, but the abcense of wind chop made the day pretty comfortable on the water. 


Fishing muskegon the next two days on Salmonhead.  Reports to follow.

Outdoorsmen League 8/17 PDF

Fished the league last night with Grayson and hopped aboard with Mike Spriensma and his buddy.  We ran north of port sheldon and fished 130-70 fow.  Not a bite until we turned it on  a southerly troll.  Immediately we took a double, one on full copper  and the other on 13 colors of lead.  High diver back 120 took 2, riggers set at 75 and 65 took one each on free sliders and the copper took another fish.  Finished 7 for 7 and took the title last night weighing our best 6 for 65+# and big fish honors with one over 17#.  All contestants took nice fish last night, and most weighed their 6 but had more.  Fishing remains great.  Lures that worked for us were all spoons.  Northport Nailers took 3 fish, two on Roughy (65) and one on Blueberry glow (19).  Silver streak Magnums took 2 or 3 and Moonshine regular took one.  Ran a lot of flies and they didnt get a bite.  We systamatically swapped them for spoons as the night went on.

weekend update PDF

Mix of flies, plugs and Northports put fish into the boat this weekend.  Somewhat slow bites in the morning trips, and good action on Saturday evening.  Fish were 90 feet or so in the morning at muskegon and 140-170 in the evening.  Ludington fish were tight to the beach for some anglers, but we found a few in 60 fow in the early morning and a couple scattered fish later in the morning off the drop off in 120 and and 240. 


Sorry for the low detaiil, but major pc issues are hamperng me.  More detail to follow in a week or so when pc is fixed.



Ludington 8/4 and 8/5 PDF

Headed to Ludington for the 2nd annuall Educated Angler picnic/ Big Sable shootout.   After having bragging rights since last year, I was dethroned by team Just Right.  This event is basically for bragging rights for a year and an excuse to get a bunch of great people together for the weekend.  We weigh our best 3 fish only.  Just Right fished Manistee waters and brought to the scales 60+ #'s, includuing one brute that was just a couple tenths short of 27#.  What a monster.  I did manage to be first loser, taking the second place spot with 51#.

Friday afternoon found my team on the water.  I had Bob (Bird Dog), Clark (BFG) and Reid (Red Rider) aboard.  I think we took the prize for most diverse crew, each being from different states.  Iowa, Ohio, and Wisconson were represented and of course Michigan for me. 

Morning Catch

Fishing was great to say the least with our crew landing 13 of 17 fishing the late afternoon and pulling lines well before prime time.  Northport Nailer spoons took most bites, but flies are coming on.  6 bites were on flasher flies and blues and greens ruled there.  either blue or green hologram spinnies with Atomic Green Glow or Sea Mist flies were the ticket.  Spoons in blueberry glow, Blue Mahi, Halloween, Dolphin glow, Roughy, Mixed Veggies, and bloody nose all took fish.  Fish were in the 145-175 fow and ranged from 85 back on a diver all the way down to 21 colors of lead and 125 down on riggers. 

Saturday found the crew fishing similar water depths and even deeper, but saturday Flies ruled.  Landing only 14 of 25 hits, flies accounted for 17 of the 25 hits.  Spoons that were hot were similar to Friday, with blues ruling like blueberry glow and blue mahi and glow tiger dolphin.  Halloween and roughy each  took another fish as well.  Flies In sea mist took 6 hits and blue glow took 7 hits and Atomic Green glow took the rest.  Fish continued to be deep as the sun rose, same as Friday, but earlier in the morning, fish were taken higher up in the water column.

Fishing continues to be spectacluar.  Get out there while its hot.


Muskegon 7/29 PDF

Had a great trip out of Muskegon today.  Fishing was good.  We went north of port in about the 17's and had our best luck in the 80-90 range.  Spinnies and flies took 3 fish and Northport spoons took the rest.  We finished 9 for 11.  Divers ruled takikng 5 hits, core took 4 bites and riggers accounted for only 2.  Glow tiger roughy (65) took two rips on the high starboard diver set to #3 back 60', while the low starboard diver set to #1 took one on a white and green spinnie with a duckhead Horse fly, back 90.  Port High diver set to #3 back 102 took 2 on the same spinnie with Atomic Green Glow horse fly.  13 colors of lead pulling Bruiser (31) took 2 good fish, 9 colors with Lemonfire glow (76) took a little dude, and th 15 color with blue green dolphin prototype had a good rip, but got off.  Only rigger fish came deep, both at about 75 down.  Green Mahi (83)as a slider above a green and chrome spinnie took a nice king and sour apple 29 on the other rigger took one.  Fish were healthy weighing 6-12# except for the one twinkie.  One of the 12# fish was really dark brown already and its teeth were coming out nicely.  A good time was had by all with lots of laughs and plenty of fish.


Happy Family

Outdoorsmen League fish 7/27 PDF
Thursday night league was slow again this time.  Best was 3 fish in a boat.  We finished 2 for 3.  Not stellar at all.  Fish are there, but getting them to bite was tricky tonight.  We had all our action on Northport Nailers, but other boats had all their luck on flasher fly rigs.  An east or north wind should cool the water and really get things fired up.
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