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Check the weather and water forecast here
Web Link
Muskegon near shore forecast
Check out the Muskegon near shore forecast within 5 miles of shore
Offshore forecast
If we are planning an offshore trip, check this site for waters greater than 5 miles offshore
NOAA Weather stations
Check this out for current wind conditions around Lake Michigan
Current and Forecasted Muskeon weather
Check out the latest conditions and whats forecasted to come.
Muskegon Bouy
Bouy just outside Muskegon
Muskegon Pier Webcam
Four differnt views to choose. Includes local conditions
Muskegon Lake from Torrenson Marine
A view of Muskegon lake from the south side.
Mackinac Island Harbor Webcam
One of my favorite places in the world.
Great Lakes Satallite Images
Check out the latest satallite images around the great lakes.
Great Lakes Surface Temperatures
Check out this link to see the surface temps on the lakes.
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